Jonathans Freiwilligeneinsatz in Sansibar

Unser Teilnehmer Jonathan ist derzeit für 3 Monate als Freiwilliger bei unserer Partnerorganisation, der Zanzibar Learning for Life Foundation tätig. Jonathan unterrichtet Deutsch und Englisch und unterstützt die Schüler der ZL4LF bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung kreativer Business Ideen. In seinem Blog gibt Jonathan Einblicke über seinen Alltag in Sansibar und seinen Einsatz. Wir dürfen einen seiner spannenden Einträge hier mit euch teilen!


January, 20th 2017:

Today we don’t have classes. However, we are meeting some students to talk about their business ideas and help them structure their thoughts.

At the Zanzibar Learning for Life Foundation there is not only one program. Apart from classes in English, German, Sciences and Computer, students can also apply for a sponsorship towards their education and financial support for their work or any internships.

The first girl we talk to is very active in the Girls 4 Life Club, that has the aim to help women in Tanzania to become more independent and support them on their way out of oppression. Together with this club she is additionally applying for a loan that would allow her to buy materials for sewing for the club members. They would then sell their handmade products in a shop and eventually earn enough money with that, to enable the members of the club to start their own businesses. At least that’s the idea. I help her put these thoughts into words and ask her for example, if the girls will be paid in any way, how they want to advertise the shop, how much profit they will make and if there are any taxes that need to be considered. We will meet again in one week and then work on a final text that we can then send to the foundation in England.

We have many more appointments after her. Some of the students have very promising ideas. Others are a little unrealistic…But we are not here to judge. We will help everyone and give them the opportunity to apply. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, they will still learn something by doing it.

We are done by 3:30pm. At 4pm English classes begin. The student teaching the class asks us to practice with his students. We have individual conversations with them in front of the class. It has been a long time since someone asked me for my favorite color. I do not have a favorite color.

We come home at around 6pm. Quickly get a volleyball and my speaker and rush to the beach to enjoy the last minutes of sunshine there. The beach is crowded. People are playing football or doing various kinds of flips backflips and other acrobatics, while sun sets in the background. We play some volleyball with some random people we meet, listen to some music and work out a little bit. When we come home, I am covered in sand and sweat. I take a short shower and we go to Lukmaan’s.

Afterwards we go on a 30 minute walk to a bar where a live band is playing. They play Tanzanian songs, as well as well-known ones like “Give me hope Joanna”. We drink a beer and enjoy the cloudless night, while listening to the band in the background. On our way back Khalfan and I compose a rap song that he wants to record in the next few days.

Tomorrow we have to get up early because our first appointment is already at 9:30am, therefore, I go to bed soon after we get home.

Best wishes,




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