Mauricio in Japan – Work and Travel & Praktika in Tokio und Japan

Für unseren Teilnehmer Mauricio, Student der Ingenieurswissenschaften aus Mexiko, haben wir in Japan ein individuelles Praktikum im Bereich erneuerbare Energien ermöglicht. Wir bieten in Japan  eine wachsende Zahl von Praktika aus den Bereichen Medien, Ingenieurwesen, Erziehung, Modedesign, Hotellerie, Landwirtschaft, Betriebswirtschaft usw. an, die wir individuell an deine Wünsche und Anforderungen auswählen und organisieren!

In January 2017 I started working as an intern at the Japanese company Shizen Energy in the Fukuoka Office. Shizen Energy Inc., or 自然電力, is one of the companies that form the Shizen Energy Group, and it’s in charge of the development and monitoring for all of the renewable energy power plants that the group owns all over Japan.

My task in the company has been to develop a new monitoring process that can be followed to find any problems that reduce the performance ratio of solar power plants.

Since I was very little I started liking the Japanese language, I started to learn it on my own and then taking lessons; I entered college and started my mechatronics engineering studies. The reason why I was searching an internship in Japan was because I wanted an opportunity to get to know the Japanese working culture and whether or not I really liked Japan as a place to work after I graduate, I wanted to gain more professional experience and to practice my Japanese language skills. But in reality, Japan is not a country where it’s easy for a foreigner to find an engineering job, and it was “World Unite!” that made it possible for me to find the opportunity I was looking for.
“World Unite!” facilitated me the communication with Shizen Energy and helped me schedule the interviews with them, for which I’m really grateful. They were always very attentive and helped me every time I had a question regarding the accommodation, dates and next steps.

Mauricio from Mexico

Tokio ist zweifelsohne eine der faszinierendsten und angesagtesten Metropolen der Welt! Das beste ist: Mit unserem Work & Travel Program kannst für bis zu ein Jahr in Japan sein dort sogar Geld verdienen, sodass du dir deinen kompletten Aufenthalt dort finanzieren kannst!

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