Meet World Unite! and get inspired for volunteering, internships and Working Holidays abroad!
Meet World Unite! and get inspired for volunteering, internships and Working Holidays abroad!

World Unite! is an organisation currently active in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Germany, India, Japan, China, Myanmar, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia. We provide inspiration abroad to our international participants through our unique volunteering, internship and Working Holiday programs. 

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Our highly motivated, proactive, knowledgeable and fun-to-be-with international team is what makes the World Unite! difference. They are the driving force behind the outstanding support to our participants, the well functioning of our programs, and the reason why World Unite! is a top innovator and worldwide leader in what we are doing.
Get to know (most of) our multi-national, multi-lingual team here.

We are currently 58 key team members (58% female and 42% male) of 20 different nationalities, speaking a total of 25 different languages. We currently receive around 2000 participants per year in all host countries.

Our websites:

Our current main website is http://www.world-unite.de/en.

Our other niche interest websites include:
Budget Safari Tanzania | Japan Working Holiday| zanzibar.eco | Au Pair in America | Electives Abroad |

Our accommodation:

We run our own and exclusive accommodation only for World Unite! program participants: Mother Nature Forest Camp Zanzibar, Mother Nature Forest Camp Kilimanjaro, Marine Turtle Bungalow Nungwi Zanzibar, World Unite! Share House Shiohama Tokyo.

At all other destinations we have selected a variety of accommodation including shared houses/apartments, host families and hostels/hotels – matching most preferences and budgets.

Our core values:

  • Contributing to sustainable growth (see Our Contribution to Sustainability)
  • Being eco-friendly throughout our programs as far as possible
  • Attractive rates for our participants that we achieve through efficient processes and cost-consciousness (never cutting on quality!!)
  • Being an industry-leader in innovation
  • The World Unite! advantages

Did you know?

We are inbound operator at several of our destinations for some of the biggest and best known international travel companies for youth travel and educational travel (we deliver the services at the travel locations when you book through them). Also we work with several international universities, providing internships and research programs to their students, and we support corporations with their CSR programs.

We are also the official Japanese recruitment partner of Au Pair in America, sending young Japanese to the United States for a year of Au Pair. Au Pair in America was the first legal au pair program to be designated by the US Department of State in 1986.

Also – did you know? For every participant of our worldwide programs we are planting 10 indigenous trees on deforested lands at Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Planting is happening during the rainy seasons in April and November. Target for 2019: 20,000 new trees.

We plant 10 trees at Kilimanjaro for every participant of our worldwide programs.
We plant 10 trees at Kilimanjaro for every participant of our worldwide programs.

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