Tim in Moshi – Swahili-Sprachunterricht mit World Unite! in Sansibar und Tansania

Ob begleitend oder als Vorbereitung für dein Praktikum/deinen Freiwilligeneinsatz: Ein paar Worte in der Landessprache deines Gastlandes sprechen zu können, kann dir während deines Auslandsaufenthaltes viele Türen und Tore öffnen! Für die Teilnehmer unserer Praktikums- und Volunteeringprogramme ermöglichen wir in Moshi am Fuße des Kilimanjaro in Tansania sowie auf der Tropeninsel Sansibar Swahili-Sprachunterricht. Auch reine Sprachreisen sind an beiden Standorten möglich! Unser Sprachkursteilnehmer Tim aus Großbritannien berichtet hier von seinen Erfahrungen.  

The trip was well organised and the information that was provided before departure was very useful (thanks for this).  The organisation on the ground was also efficient and Miriam, in particular, took an interest in my progress and was friendly and helpful.  I joined a group meeting that was held during my stay but did not have the opportunity to take part in any social activities as my visit was so short.

I gained a lot from the Kiswahili classes. Theo is an experienced teacher and explains things clearly.  He was methodical in the way he designed the lessons and took care to orient some of the vocabulary towards my area of work in agriculture.  We got along very well and had many interesting discussions about life and the universe!  At the end of the second week Theo gave me a useful reference document to help me to continue learning through self-study.

My stay with Mr Sulul and his family was most enjoyable. The family was friendly and welcoming and made me feel at home during my stay.  The food was excellent and the accommodation comfortable and convenient.  Mr Sulul and I found that we had many common interests and experiences and we spent a lot of time discussing these whilst sitting outside in the cool of the evening!

Best wishes,


Mehr Infos zu unserem Swahili-Sprachprogram findest du auf unserer Website:


Eine Sprachreise in Tansania oder Sansibar kannst du super kombinieren mit einer Safari oder Kilimanjaro-Besteigung auf dem Festland oder mit Wassersport in Sansibar! Als World Unite!-Teilnehmer bekommst du -15% Rabatt auf alle Angebote der Website Budget Safari.


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